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                                                            Main Stick

                                           Weight:   7 oz.
Length:    24 inches (~32 inches with tassels)       
                                   Tassels:    24 total tassels per stick end
                                               Varying interior and exterior colors
                                               3 tape layers at tassels' ends
Tape:    One black tape dissected center divider
uter most tape layer and center divider is white
Dual Zebra Wrap Design:
Super-Grip base tape for supreme control
                                           Second tape overlay for added durability and an even cooler look







       Weight:       2 oz. 
Length:       18 inches
       Tape:    Handle consists of a single color handheld section
                 Uses the
Dual Zebra Wrap Design, providing a clean, black tipped stick

We rolled this model out Fall of 2005.  The Zebra Sticks have since become our second most sold stick design
                                                                                                                               (following only the Premium Design devil sticks).

                                                                                                    Skill Level Rating:
No experience required
                                                                                                               Any Sticker who prefers a lot of grip on their sticks
                                                                                                               PERFECT for the beginner



There are many features that set the Zebra's apart from the rest:
The Look
                   -  You just can't deny how cool these sticks look. in the pictures, but not until you've seen them in action can you say you've "run with the zebras" (sticks that is).   As the staff stick twirls, the zigzagged tape seems to trickle  down and around the stick.  It creates the illusion of a line of black spiraling up and down at a speed slower than the rest of the stick.  When we send company reps to festivals or conventions they have to bring twice as many zebras as the other models because they sell so fast!

                The Feel
                          -  The tape we use, and the method in which it is wrapped continuously around the stick, creates a stickier sticking environment.  The handles grip the main stick much more easily than other models.  This makes them ideal for the beginner while learning to devil stick for the first time.  At slow speeds the grip is even firmer.  This does not, however, hold back the more experienced user at all.  We've calibrated the weight of the main stick to perfectly balance the slower strong grip with the faster, more subtle grasp.  

                The Price
                          -  You can't find sticks with this much to offer for such a low price anywhere.
                              They are even
ON SALE NOW for only $25.99!

It is very hard to create a product to suit everyone's preferences, especially in regards to juggling sticks.  We've finally set a standard that everyone can enjoy - regardless of age, experience, or individual subtle preferences. 

People say, "Well, you can't please everybody, all the time."

       Hey "Someone"   maybe  its time you stop sitting around thinking up clichés and
Run With The Zebras!   

General Information

  What makes our devil sticks the best:
  Our Special Clear-Coat Finish ensures sticks can withstand all weather conditions, much more durability and will keep those sticks looking like new forever!


Master Stick Flexibility provides more bounce, allows for better tricks, a truly adds a whole new element to the sticking experience that you have to feel to believe! 


Full Customization will give you the chance to make a pair of sticks unlike any others out there!  We make exactly what you want, with your colors and your designs. 


  A Personal touch through both our customization options and hand-crafted designs.
Check out our Stick Specs Page for additional details.

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